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at last

Finally I have a blog on this website.  Oh my.  How happy am I.  I feel like a pig in s**t.

Obviously I have a blog on my other site but I have been trying to get one on here for so long and finally here it is.

First post on here so I will tell you a little about me so you know who is going to be writing all the crap that appears here.

I am now 36 arghh and am a plus size woman although I only just go into that category as if I lost one dress size I would be in the normal size.

I am a geek. plain and simple.  I am an avid reader of anything and everything although at the moment my kindle has just downloaded over 70 zombie books that I am working my way through.  I am such a geek I even go to comicon.  How sad is that.  Mind you I love it.

I also adore Killer bunny pictures.  (look it up on google).

I watch Agents of shield three days before it is on TV over here as I cant wait for it. 

I am a fan of all things monster.  especially Zombies.  Yes this geek even has an almost perfect survival plan for a Zombie apocalypse.

I have 5 rescue cats two of which are feral ish. As in all summer they fend for themselves but come home in the winter. I have a bulldog and pug and used to rescue Bull terriers.

I don't live the high flying jetset lifestyle that most escorts claim to have. I am boring.  I finish work, I take a bath then I cuddle up on my chair and read.  That is about as enthusiastic I get.  I like the quiet life…

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I cannot believe that all I see on face book is people shouting how many days it is until xmas.  We haven't had Halloween or bonfire night yet but oh no all they talk about is that dreaded one day of the year.

That one day that costsa bloody fortune.  where parents with children spend the whole day feeling like poo as they were up until around three in the morning bringing down all the presents(kids finally went to sleep) and then get woken up by 4am by their kids demanding to get up.  They then have to sort out breakfast, sort out the kids getting the right presents. They have to not only try and organise a dinner big enough to feed half of the third world as the whole family descend on them for dinner, they also have to try and put all the toys together, as well as play with every single thing each child has received.  I have been their.  I know by 7PM I was desperate for the kids to be worn out so I could get some sleep but there was as much chance of that as there was of the kids not making themselves sick on xmas sweets.

I do enjoy xmas BUT it is too much work for one morning. I have not even thought about buying gifts yet as I really cannot think that far in advance but I am being moaned at and nagged by the rest of my family as apparently I need to do it all now and not wait.  Um WHY??

I have not worked that out yet and tbh I would rather bugger off for a few days and let xmas pass me by.. The family members I have to buy for who are kids will…

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