The good and not so good

Well my missing blog has finally been put back on this site although now it looks a bit strange as I had another post after it so they are in the wrong order.  Ah well such is life, I cant change it so no point moaning about it.

Anyway blogs are not about that, they are about me, my life as an escort and my life outside of this work.

Now we all have clients that when we see their phone number appear we smile as we know they are wonderful guys who are not demanding services not on offer and who we can have a good time with and even a chat afterwards.  Unfortunately we also have a couple of names listed that when ring our heart slows down and our stomach drops.  The orgasm guys.  These are the ones who insist we must have the biggest and best orgasm of our lives.  They rub away with no idea of what they are doing, whilst telling us they are so good at what they do and how we are going to have the orgasm of our lives, when in fact all that happens is we lose the very thin and tender skin of our clitoris and the surrounding area putting us out of work for a few days. 

Now I love a good orgasm but I cannot get into the mood to relax enough when someone is telling me I MUST have the best of my life.  It does not work that way.  I need to be in the right frame of mind. I cant even tell them they are doing it wrong as I have tried to gently guide them to the right way for me, I have tried telling them they are just rubbing my skin off but do they listen. Nope.  They know what they are doing according to them.  A woman 30 years ago liked it that way so all women like it like that.  I must be strange then as I prefer it slow and gentle to start and then building in speed and intensity the more I get turned on.  I will happily be strange if that is the case but I doubt I am.  In fact I know from reading posts on a certain forum that most women hate it rough and hard from start to finish.

If only some would realise we are all very different and cannot come on demand.  I wish I could as I would be a very happy lady as I would be demanding it of myself day and night.  Blimey would I ever.  Unfortunately it doesn't happen and the more pressure I feel I am under the less likely it is to happen.

I understand that some men like to ensure the lady gets as much pleasure as he does and that makes a bloody wonderful booking but it does not have to be the great race to make it happen.  Why not just see what comes up?  don't force the issue just let it come naturally and if it doesn't then move onto something else.  After all the whole point is to ensure YOU have fun. 

I will take the first type of client I mentioned any day of the week over the second type.  I like fun mutual bookings where things progress naturally at their own pace without any one feeling the need to force something.

I have even been known to become friends with the first type of client.  Yes I know we are not supposed to become friends but it is just who I am.  I find it hard to be intimate with someone week after week and not form some kind of friendship.  It would mean I would have to be very hard inside and I am not. Im a big softy really. I am like a Minstrel. A hard shell with smooth creamy chocolate inside:)

So just remember guys don't try and force a woman to orgasm just let things progress at their own pace and just enjoy yourself.  After all it is your money so you should have a good time and the woman you book wont have to sit on ice packs for a few days until her skin has regrown over her lady bits