Im still here

Yes I am still here and still working.  I have had a rather nasty throat infection that did not want to go even with the worst antibiotics anyone can be given.  So strong they sent me a little loopy.  OK I can hear you snickering, they sent me loopier than normal.  Satisfied?

I cant help being a tad loopy now and then.  I blame it on hormones and I am sticking with that excuse.  Nothing will make me blame anything other than hormones:)

I am now however well enough to finally come back to work. YAYYY!!!  It is about time.  I have been so so so bored.  I have so much to do and sitting around at home looking like I had grown a pair of balls on my neck was not getting anything done.  I have not even started xmas yet.  I have a couple of the larger gifts I need but still have dozens and dozens to buy.  Lord knows when I will find time to buy any of it.  My daighters I will be buying on the 23rd December as she will be here to pick them but everyone elses will have to be done online here and there.

I have managed to get lots of reading done which has meant that I have updated my Zombie plan.  After reading over 200 Zombie books the past month I realised my plan was missing quite a few things.  I know it is stupid but I do have a real phobia.  It even has a name, it is called Kinemortophobia.  So if it has a name it is genuine so you cant laugh at me.  Saying that even I have a laugh at me over it sometimes as I cant believe I have such an unrealistic phobia.  Its awful as even the mention of them has me in bed terrified to sleep, I wont let the dogs out at night as I cant see the garden so someone else has to do it for me.  Every place I go, the first thing I do is check out the escape routes, what weapons are close to hand and how far I am from my Zombie safe place.  Yes I even have one of them worked out. 

Phobias are strange things as you have no control over them.  You cannot just think this is stupid and forget it.  It is always in the back of your head.  It can take over your life if you don't have controls in place.  I even had to learn behaviour techniques so I could actually feel semi safe going anywhere.  Hence I tend not to do outcalls unless they are to a hotel as these tend to have various escape routes as well as a kitchen so steak hammers and knives are available. 
Anyway I have another couple of dozen books to read and then I will have read every Zombie book written so will feel better when I know I have everything covered.

No I am not completely insane.  It is no different to having a phobia of spiders or clowns or any other phobia.  

Anyway now you know a little more about me and the craziness that is my life.