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I am sorry but due to one idiot I have had to remove my face from photos for the time being.  I can assure you I am not pig ugly just normal looking but unfortunately my safety has become an issue out and about and one person can ruin it for everyone but until this person leaves me alone my face will not be visible on my website

I do apologise

Dani x

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been away and its about fun

I have had a few days away to recharge my batteries and rest up as I worked a little too much over the festive period and caused my illness to flare up big time.  I feel much better now.  I went to the Ettington park hotel as pictured here



Oh some good news, My very noisy, nosey and dirty neighbours have finally moved out so there will be no more hoodies hanging around the building making the stairs a total mess.  I am so happy.  Seriously I have never known one family to make so much noise or mess.  Plus their flea ridden cat will be gone too.  Now I love animals but the poor thing was literally crawling in fleas.  It was hard not to notice as its fur was mainly white but you could see the black moving around there were so many. 

I shall still be working but I shall be getting fussier about who I see.  Anyone I have not met who texts me without calling first will be automatically banned from ever visiting me as will anyone who is unable to converse properly be it due to language barriers, medical reasons or just because they speak chav.  After being attacked on New Years Eve, I have decided to become extra strict on who I will or wont see and I feel anyone who cannot book me the way I ask is not worth my time.

I don't make people jump through hoops I just ask that they call me before texting and are polite and we are both able to understand each other.  Now that's not hard is it.  Once we have met then I will happily take text bookings but not until.
I will also refuse to see anyone who asks for…

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Im still here

Yes I am still here and still working.  I have had a rather nasty throat infection that did not want to go even with the worst antibiotics anyone can be given.  So strong they sent me a little loopy.  OK I can hear you snickering, they sent me loopier than normal.  Satisfied?

I cant help being a tad loopy now and then.  I blame it on hormones and I am sticking with that excuse.  Nothing will make me blame anything other than hormones:)

I am now however well enough to finally come back to work. YAYYY!!!  It is about time.  I have been so so so bored.  I have so much to do and sitting around at home looking like I had grown a pair of balls on my neck was not getting anything done.  I have not even started xmas yet.  I have a couple of the larger gifts I need but still have dozens and dozens to buy.  Lord knows when I will find time to buy any of it.  My daighters I will be buying on the 23rd December as she will be here to pick them but everyone elses will have to be done online here and there.

I have managed to get lots of reading done which has meant that I have updated my Zombie plan.  After reading over 200 Zombie books the past month I realised my plan was missing quite a few things.  I know it is stupid but I do have a real phobia.  It even has a name, it is called Kinemortophobia.  So if it has a name it is genuine so you cant laugh at me.  Saying that even I have a laugh at me over it sometimes as I cant believe I have such an unrealistic phobia.  Its awful as even…

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The good and not so good

Well my missing blog has finally been put back on this site although now it looks a bit strange as I had another post after it so they are in the wrong order.  Ah well such is life, I cant change it so no point moaning about it.

Anyway blogs are not about that, they are about me, my life as an escort and my life outside of this work.

Now we all have clients that when we see their phone number appear we smile as we know they are wonderful guys who are not demanding services not on offer and who we can have a good time with and even a chat afterwards.  Unfortunately we also have a couple of names listed that when ring our heart slows down and our stomach drops.  The orgasm guys.  These are the ones who insist we must have the biggest and best orgasm of our lives.  They rub away with no idea of what they are doing, whilst telling us they are so good at what they do and how we are going to have the orgasm of our lives, when in fact all that happens is we lose the very thin and tender skin of our clitoris and the surrounding area putting us out of work for a few days. 

Now I love a good orgasm but I cannot get into the mood to relax enough when someone is telling me I MUST have the best of my life.  It does not work that way.  I need to be in the right frame of mind. I cant even tell them they are doing it wrong as I have tried to gently guide them to the right way for me, I have tried telling them they are just rubbing my skin off but…

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